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About Us

Ales Group is a business name for Docsbase Translation and Consular Services Ltd.

We are a fast-developing Translation Service Company which works on the Irish market since 2003. We have several offices in Ireland (Dublin, Cork and Limerick), in the UK (London, Glasgow, Belfast), in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) and Switzerland.

Our company provides a variety of services in the field of translation, localisation, apostille and legalisation as well as visa services which allows us to work with various organisations on different levels.

All our consultants are based locally for a number of years and this makes it possible for us to resolve complicated issues in relation to legislative, immigration or translation requirements.

We are the first company in Ireland which specializes on International Business Services for Irish Businesses, provides Immigration and Business Immigration services in Ireland, specialises in Recruitment, Legal and Immigration Services in Canada with the help of our Canadian partner.

Our services include:

- Translation Services

We prepare, translate and legalize documents, such as Contracts, Births certificates, Marriage certificates, Tax reviews. Our specialists prepare all the documents for any country and for a variety of cases, such as Adoption Cases, Power of Attorney, Legal documents, etc. We can also provide certification and apostille your documents, if needed.

We have completed numerous translation projects for international corporations involved in various industries, such as IT, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, oil and gas on the range of topics from marketing materials to financial documents, from websites to supply contracts.

- Apostille

We have vast experience as an apostille service. Sometimes documents need to be apostilled before foreign governments and/or organisations accept them. As we are experts in this field, we can help you get your documents apostilled, in a quick and efficient manner, either in combination with the translation of your documents or simply on its own.

- Localisation.

We know about the importance of the internet, being one of the key sales tools nowadays. Hence, the correct localisation of your website cannot be overestimated. We have made it our business to specialise in localisation services to help you make the most of your website, which will reach customers from all over the world. Our specialists know local requirements and specifics and will not just translate your website, but will optimize it for the content of the website and the target language to make it as convenient as possible for the audience in that specific country.

- Legalisation.

Our company is also highly experiences in document legalisation for China, due to many years of experience in dealing with this time-consuming process. Our service will help you minimize the time you spend on the process of legalising your documents. You just have to drop off your documents and our specialist will do the rest for you, ensuring that your legalised documents get to you without any unnecessary delays.

- Visa services

One department of our company is solely concerned with the issue of obtaining visa for our clients. We have assisted many EU citizens during their application process. We have employed local experts all over the world, who know their region and will be happy to assist you with your visa, but also with other issues that may occur, such as the booking of hotels. Our specialists have a long and extensive experience in providing professional, well-qualified services and advisory in relation to visas.

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Address: 16 Inns Court, Winetavern Street,
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Email: info@ales.ie

Offices in London – Belfast – Zurich – New York

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Our Toronto branch are team of Qualified Canadian Lawyers specialising in Immigration and Business solutions in Canada.

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