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Apostille Certification of Document from outside of Ireland

In terms of documents that are issued in countries other than Ireland, here at Apostille.ie we have professional contacts in our offices around the world who are experts in the certification and legalization needs of a wide range of document types. There are different requirements in terms of legalisation depending on the country in which you are using it and the work setting or institution that is receiving the document. As a result, our offices around the world have members of staff that are fully knowledgeable in all of the local requirements for recognition of the authenticity of a document.


In Europe we have offices in Dublin Ireland, London United Kingdom, Munich Germany, Vienna Austria and Lucerne in Switzerland. As these countries are all part of the European Union (except for Switzerland), very often an Apostille stamp to certify a documents authenticity is sufficient. Here at Apostille.ie we can provide you with an apostille stamp that will ensure that your documents are accepted as genuine, authentic forms of documentation by officials in a number of countries.


Outside of Europe we have offices in Toronto Canada, and New York in the United States. Our team of Certification experts can help you determine what legalisation is necessary in order for your document to be recognised by educational, governmental and corporate organisations. If your document is of an American or Canadian origin, the local office in those countries will be able to provide you with up to date information and advice regarding the legalisation process of those documents. Similarly, if you are based in Ireland and wish to certify an American or Canadian document, our team in the Dublin office can cooperate with the relevant office to confirm the requirements your document needs in those countries.


If you are based outside of Ireland and need assistance with any matter relating to the legalization of your documentation for use in an educational, governmental or professional setting, our customer support staff in any of our offices will be able to be of assistance. Contact us at any time over the phone or by email if you have any queries regarding Apostille or Legalisation requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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