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We started working as a recruitment and translation agency in 2003 together with Dublin Infocenter Newspaper.

Our initial objective was to create company that would provide business services to our compatriots living in Ireland.


In 2004, we have obtained the Employment Agency License and became the first and only licensed recruitment agency in Ireland specialising in Eastern European market.


The subsidiary company Unistaff Support Services was created in 2005 involved in business, legal and immigration services and АL&Berg company providing services only in construction sector.

2007 - 2008

Docsbase Translations was founded in 2007 specialising in translations and legalisation sectors. Also, web-portal www.infocenter.ie was launched together with Dublin Infocentre Newspaper in 2008.


In October, we opened a Private English School in our city centre offices.


Gulfstream Business Consulting Ltd started to operate in Russia - www.2ireland.ru and Ukraine www.2ireland.com.ua

Translation business developed into specialised areas: www.certifiedtranslations.ie, www.documentstranslations.com and other 35 websites ranging from Arabic to Russian languages.

In our Dublin offices, we started to provide Tourism services - www.smarttour.ie, Money Transfers and International Students Exchange.


We also opened offices in Cork, Galway, Limerick, as well as two new offices in Dublin – in Swords and Bachelors Walk in the city centre

2012 - we opened our office in London and started providing full range of translation services in UK

2013 - we opened offices in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

2014 - we started opening North American branches with the first one in Toronto with further expansions planned to Vancouver and Calgary. Our service in Canada include Notary Services, Translation and Localisation services. We are opening our office to Switzerland and New York.

2017 - Our office in Belfast is opened

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Our Toronto branch are team of Qualified Canadian Lawyers specialising in Immigration and Business solutions in Canada.

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