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Business Legal Services

Advice for Self Employed Individuals and Business owners in Ireland.

Do you have any questions in relation to your Business? Do not know how to open company in Ireland; what type of business to set up; what is the cheapest type of business to set up? Have any business issues? Want to sell your business? Need to change director? Don not know how to finance your business?

Our Company can help you to find the solution: to decide whether you need a solicitor or not, recommend and make an appointment with the best solicitor in your area for a very competitive price.

We are also operating Accounting and Tax advice Practice. We have very experienced taxation experts and accountants who are always ready to help you.

We offer a wide range of business legal services to meet your needs and help you avoid those costly mistakes that can make or break your business. Failing to obtain legal advice and representation is a common and potentially costly mistake that many entrepreneurs make when starting their businesses. Even experienced business owners and senior managers attempt to “do it yourself” when it comes to negotiating and signing contracts with suppliers, employees, or independent contractors. Do not repeat mistakes of many entrepreneurs. It is easier and cheaper to do it right from the very beginning than correct the mistakes later.

Our services include:

  • Business licensing applications
  • Contract negotiation, analysis, and drafting
  • Commercial agreements drafting (e.g. supply, distribution, agency and franchise)
  • Preparation of terms & conditions of sale or purchase
  • Property acquisitions, development, disposal and lease agreements
  • Arranging contracts of employment, policies and staff handbooks
  • Employee grievances, capability, disciplinary and dismissal procedures
  • Litigation & dispute resolution
  • Corporate insolvency, liquidations, examinerships, receiverships
  • Full range of notary services

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Our Toronto branch are team of Qualified Canadian Lawyers specialising in Immigration and Business solutions in Canada.

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