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Immigration to Switzerland

Switzerland is widely accepted as one of the best places to live in the world. Swiss citizenship can be acquired in a number of ways. The most common are by descent, birth, marriage, extension of award, and business. Tourist, student and work visas are also available.

If you are not from EU and want to pursue Swiss immigration, you’ve come to the right place. Our Switzerland immigration experts can help you with your application and reduce the time and energy spent on the application with a free assessment of your chances of successful immigration to Switzerland.

If you want to work in Switzerland, you will need to find an employer who can hire you if the employer cannot find anyone with Swiss citizenship. Meanwhile, if you hope Swiss immigration will allow you to study you must first have been offered a place in a university.

Our immigration experts will help you obtain the residence permit for Switzerland.

The B permit is an annual residence permit for anyone planning to in Switzerland for 180 days a year or more after immigrating to Switzerland. It must be renewed annually but you can bring your family with you.

The C permit is for permanent residence and is valid for as long as you live in the country. The CE residence permit is for people with EU passports but do not have Switzerland citizenship and is valid for five years.

Retirement in Switzerland

Our company can offer solutions for your retirement in Switzerland. We will organise a smooth process and help you:

  • To apply for residence permits to the municipal, cantonal and federal authorities
  • To negotiate a lump-sum tax deal
  • Help select the canton for your particular circumstances
  • Find house or apartment

The key advantages of Swiss immigration:

  • You can live in Switzerland with your immediate family
  • Lump sum taxation
  • You can buy or rent a house
  • Enjoy one of the highest quality of life in the world

Lump-sum tax:

Switzerland offers you the possibility of paying a fixed amount of taxes every year. This amount is based on your rental payments (or the rental value of your home), and has nothing to do with your real income or wealth. You will not be asked to declare your income nor your assets.

Switzerland Work Permit

The Swiss work permit can only be submitted by an employer on behalf of prospective employee. The employer must prove that the work permit will not result in a Swiss resident or citizen missing out on the opportunity to work in the company. However, this Local Worker Priority does not apply to intra-company transfers.

There are many short-term residence and work permits for Switzerland available if you are only staying for one year. These can be renewed once and only for a total of 18 months, for further education or similar activities.

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