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Gain Irish Residency through Work with Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd

Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd can help individuals naturalise through work

Did you know that in Ireland it is possible to gain residency through employment? This is a common procedure for those with special skills and have already found a job. However, finding an employer that is willing to sponsor you can be difficult. Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd, a leading business service company, assists individuals in applying for residency through either process. We are an international company with years of experience providing fundamental businesses services throughout Ireland, the UK, the rest of Europe and Canada. We can start a business with the goal of hiring you as an employee and, thus, gaining residency.

Gaining Irish Residency through Critical Skills and Employment Permits

Formerly known as the Green Card, the Critical Skills and Employment Permit is designed to attract skilled people with the goal that they take up residence in the country. The program is great for individuals looking to make either a short term or permanent move to Ireland. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to get hired via this process since companies are very selective when choosing who they want to sponsor for this permit. If your aim is to live in Ireland, there is good news. Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd will start a business just to hire you through the Critical Skills and Employment Permit.

Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd will consult with you on what business you would like to start by analysing your skill set and expertise. Once we have chosen a business, we will set it up and hire you on through the Critical Skills Permit. Once the permit is granted, you can apply for family reunification for dependents, partners or spouses, meaning that you will be able to bring your entire family to Ireland. While the job offer will be a two-year contract, permit holders can apply to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration for permission to reside and work without the permit upon completion of the permit. This means that if all goes as planned, you and your family will be able to obtain extended residency status.

Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd offers the most complete immigration services in the industry

In addition to providing the Critical Skills and Employment Permit, Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd is equipped to handle everything and everything relating to immigration. We offer services relating to document legalisation, translations, legal and more. If you are looking to live, work or travel in Ireland, we can assist you. We have more than a dozen years working with both individuals and companies whose goal is to establish roots in Ireland. Give us an email or call to learn more about how we can assist you.

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