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Immigration to Canada

Our branch in Canada, LawPoint.ca, provides full range of immigration services and has over a decade of proven successful work. We have helped many families and individual clients relocate and establish in Canada. Our scope of services spreads from professional immigration and temporary visas to complex business immigration and investment projects.

Our personnel is licensed to provide immigration services. We personally bear all the responsibilities associated with preparation and representation of your Canadian immigration matters and we do have professional insurance to cover all potential disputes with our clients.

There are many immigration programs managed by the federal and provincial governments in Canada. One must meet the requirements of any of these programs to immigrate to Canada successfully. The requirements vary from program to program, but they all have the purpose of allowing only the best candidates to become the permanent residents of Canada.

The most important factors are proficiency in English and/or French, age, education, occupation and employment potential in Canada. For a family, only one of the spouses must meet most of these requirements.

We will help you find the most suitable immigration program for your individual circumstances and make all required representations to the relevant authorities. We will guide you through the whole process and help you avoid possible mistakes and delays in this complex procedure.

Our services:

  • Professional immigration: federal and provincial programs
  • Business immigration: investor, entrepreneur and self-employed programs
  • Student visas and immigration
  • Programs for caregivers
  • Work visas to Canada
  • Family sponsorship
  • Tourist visas

All-in-one programs:

  • Student visa with consecutive immigration
  • Business immigration and business set up in Canada

Additional services:

  • Real estate rent, purchase, sales, investments
  • Accounting services
  • Legal services in Canada
  • Business consultations and assistance business set up

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Our Toronto branch are team of Qualified Canadian Lawyers specialising in Immigration and Business solutions in Canada.

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