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Setting up a European Bank Account with Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd

Personal and Business Bank Accounts for Foreigners in Ireland, the UK, Switzerland and elsewhere

If you are foreign individual or a business, setting up a European bank account can be challenging. The Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd is a business service company with locations in Ireland, the UK, Switzerland and Canada. We specialise in services like business planning, accounting, financial advising, accounting and more. One particularly useful service is setting up individual and business bank accounts in both EU member and non-member countries. We can also help set up bank accounts in Canada through our Toronto location.

The Necessities for Opening Up a Bank Account in Europe

Not just anyone can open up a bank account in European countries. Besides the need to physically be there to start the process, there are many other requirements for opening up an account such as having a registered address, (permanent or temporary) residency, presenting ID information, etcetera. In addition to these requirements, all the unfamiliar paperwork and bureaucratic hoops can be a nightmare for foreigner. Not to worry! Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd can not only guide through the process, but we can provide services that make it possible for you to actually open an account. We will confirm provide a mailing address, confirm your residency and can even act as trustees on your behalf.

Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd offers International Solutions for International Businesses

Whether you are looking to open a bank account for personal or business reasons, Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd is here to help. Our clients include individuals from all over the world and business from Russia, China, The United States, Canada, Latin America and other regions. If you are a business looking to expand, entering the global market is a perfect way to do so. In addition to opening a European bank account, we can help you get any necessary visas, assist you with your accounting to make sure you are in line with European requirements, and provide any document legalisations or certified translations. We are the most comprehensive business solution group in Ireland, the UK and Switzerland.

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