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Interpreting Services

Our interpreting services in Ireland that we have been providing since 2000 include:

  • Interpreting at business negotiations
  • Interpreting at various training courses including Safepass and other construction courses
  • Interpreting during foreign delegation visits to Ireland
  • Simultaneous interpreting during various conferences
  • Interpreting in Civil Registration Offices
  • Interpreting at Marriage ceremonies and Social Consultations,
  • conference interpreting,
  • medical interpreting for appointments in Hospitals and Clinics,
  • legal interpreting at consultations with the Irish solicitor

We provide interpretation solutions for both in-person and conference calling. All of our interpreters are certified to interpret in one of the languages and are native speakers in the other

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is provided at the same time as you speak. This the most difficult type of interpreting as it requires maximum focus from an interpreter. Simultaneous interpretation is used during UN sessions and other conferences and congresses. It requires special equipment and highly trained specialists.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting requires a speaker to make a pause at the end of the phrase so that their idea can be translated to the target language. Consecutive interpreting is mainly used during business meetings, seminars, court sessions, social gatherings, tours, etc. Consecutive interpretation is not as specialized as simultaneous interpreting, there are more specialists who can do it and is more affordable.

Our interpreting services are aimed at providing easy and successful communication for you and your business development for the lowest costs in Ireland.

All our interpreters are certified native language specialists who can assist you in any part of Ireland:

We provide:

  • Latvian interpreters
  • Russian interpreters
  • Polish interpreters
  • Lithuanian interpreters
  • Hungarian interpreters
  • Czech interpreters
  • Slovak interpreters
  • Romanian interpreters
  • Arabic interpreters
  • Urdu interpreters
  • French interpreters
  • Portuguese interpreters

and many more.

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