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Notary and Apostille


In collaboration with the Public Notaries in Ireland we can arrange for full range of Notary services including Notary certified translations; notarising copies and legalising documents; signature authentication on Powers of Attorney and Contracts. Notary certified documents or documents issued in Ireland can later be legalised with an Apostill stamp to be used abroad. Just come to our office or post a document to us, we will do everything else for you.

Apostill is a special stamp put by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and authenticating the signature of the local authority legalising the document. You may need an Apostill on your Power of Attorney, Parental Consent, Birth certificate or Marriage certificate, as well as Adoption papers and official translations to be used in other countries. Contact us and we will advise if YOU need the notary certification or apostillle for your particular case.

We can translate, legalise and put Apostill stamp on the following documents:

  • documents certified by a Public Notary (Powers of Attorney, certified copies, applications, police clearance certificates, marital status documents, citizenship documents, etc.);
  • company documents issued in Ireland (memorandum and articles, tax registration documents, incorporation certificates, accounting documents and audit reports, etc.) - education documents (diplomas, degrees, certificates, etc.);
  • documents issued by the Registry Office or other authorities in Ireland (birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, etc.);
  • adoption documents issued in Ireland

If your documents are not on the list, contact us and we will find a solution for you.

We can also get your documents apostillled in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. You don't have to go to these countries yourself or wait months for the Embassy service. Just bring your documents and we will get them apostillled in shortest time.

We also specialise in preparing all types of legal documents for the following countries:

Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, etc.

To order an Apostill or receive a free consultation on legalisation please contact us and we will do our best to help!

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