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Visaworld.ie – your trusted Visa services provider!

Our Company has many years of experience in Visa and Tourism sectors both in Ireland and abroad

As you probably know, Irish, UK and EU citizens are required to obtain a visa to travel to Russia, Middle East and other countries. Our specialists have been helping our Customers obtain visas and can organize it for you in the most efficient and competent way for the best price in Ireland! We are also able to issue a Tourist Invitation, or so called Travel Voucher, certified by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will not take more than an hour.

Our specialists have been working with the Embassies and Ministries of Foreign Affairs for many years and know their every requirement. We we are authorized to issue tourist and business invitations, represent you in the Embassies and Consulates and take on all your other visa issues.

We also assist in obtaining visas to other countries and the process for any visa will not be much different from the one below.

The process of obtaining visa has several stages.

Firstly, prepare your documents. You will have to fill out the online application and obtain all required paperwork. We can assist you with your online application and, if need be, organize all paperwork you need.

Secondly, send the documents to us once you have them ready.

Deliver your paperwork to us, we will check it carefully and let you know if any corrections are required, we will issue an invitation letter and then make an application in the Embassy. If you are not able to deliver your papers to us, we will organize a courier to collect the documents from you.

After that you will just have to obtain your visa from us. You can collect it from our office or we can post it to you.

After that all that is left is to wish you a pleasant and smooth journey.

Please contact us for more information on the required paperwork, timeframe and process.

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