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Банкротство и Ликвидации бизнеса

New Services – Accounting and Business Division


  • Management Accounts - profit and loss, balance sheet
  • Audited Accounts. Corporate Tax Returns

Business Management for the Companies in Difficulty

  • Better negotiation – use the power of a professional firm to negotiate on your behalf
  • Negotiate a settlement ( up to 75% off ) with Creditors
  • Eliminate the stress of dealing with multiple creditors
  • Set affordable repayment plans
  • Cease creditors legal action

Low Cost Liquidation Advice

  • Erase debts – creditors / sheriff
  • Avoid being held personally for the company debts
  • Eliminate tax problems

Personal Bankruptcy

  • Declare bankruptcy in the UK ( as an EU citizen ) and be 100% free of debt and fully discharged from bankruptcy in 12 months
  • Find out how can you still protect your family home, pension, inheritance after declaring bankruptcy

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