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Certified translations Ireland

Low cost translations of any document. Efficiency and quality are guaranteed.

We will look after all your translation and certification needs. Our translators and notaries are very well aware of all requirements and will make sure your documents meet the requirements of the authority you are submitting them to.

Our prices for certified translation of standard documents start from 35 euro. If you submit multiple standard documents it will become even cheaper, starting from 20 euros.

We will provide certified translation of the following documents in 24 hours or less:

  • birth, death, marriage, divorce certificate, etc,
  • name change certificates
  • adoption documents;
  • passports;
  • degrees, diplomas and any other education documents
  • police clearance certificate
  • other

A Certified translation has to come with sworn statement by the translator and bear the name of the translator and their signature. Our certified translations will, if necessary, be certified by the Irish notary that ensures that it is accepted anywhere in Ireland. Our in-house notary will legalise the certified translations. After that these translations can be apostilled in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our translators can certify prepared translations by signing and attaching the copy of the original document assuring that the translation is accurate and true to the original. Furthermore, we will put our translation agency stamp on it to accredit the produced document. This is preceded by thorough quality control checks and proofreading.

It is very important that translations of legal documents are carried out by certified professional translators, as those require very accurate translation and specific knowledge of the technical jargon usually used in this field. Qualified translators will know how to translate names, stamps and signatures to make sure the document is accepted by any authority. Many authorities will only accept certified translations. Translations which are not certified may be send back by the authorities which will cause unnecessary delays in the process.

We have in-house notaries and solicitors in all our offices that will know exactly what certification you need for your particular case and will make sure that your documents are not returned to you due to certification issues.

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