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Immigration Services

Our immigration experts can help you with a lot of issues starting from free consultation and then guiding you through your immigration process from the very beginning and until the outcome. Immigration law has undergone through numerous changes in the last 10 years and it is not easy to keep up with those. Our immigration experts do just that and they are aware of all changes and additions in the immigration law.

If you are looking for advice on the immigration matters, work permits, visas, green cards, business permission, EU family reunification you are in the right place.

Our specialists have a long and extensive experience in providing professional highly qualified services and advice in relation to asylum, immigration, citizenship and visas.

We can help you identify immigration implications of any corporate change, including mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, salary cuts and reductions in force.

Whether you are already living in Ireland or just planning to immigrate we can provide you with a comprehensive service, advice and support on all the matters relating to the Irish immigration and citizenship law.

Our services include:
  • Work Permits for employers and employees
  • Work visa
  • Green card
  • Business Permissions
  • Student and Employees Visas
  • Family reunification
  • Irish residence
  • Naturalization and citizenship
  • Asylum and Human rights
  • Explaining purpose of Irish Garda stamps
  • Revocation of deportation
  • Refusal of visa appeals
  • EU Treaty Rights, Marriage to EU national
  • Organising various travel documents
  • Consultation on other individual cases
It is much easier to go through the process correctly from the beginning than correct some mistakes or omissions at a later stage. Our experts will give the immigration advice and set you right from the start.

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Our Toronto branch are team of Qualified Canadian Lawyers specialising in Immigration and Business solutions in Canada.

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