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Visa Services in Cork and Galway

Visa World International is a part of the Docsbase Translation & Consular Services Ltd which is a multinational group that provides various services in many countries such as Ireland, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Russia. Visa World International specializes in providing visa support services. We can help obtain visas to over 170 countries including Russia, China, Ukraine, Angola and many other countries.  You can find out more information on our sister sites: www.visatorussia.ie and www.visaworld.ie

Visa World International has offices and Cork and Galway. If you live near these cities you do not have to travel to Dublin, you can just drop all your papers to our offices and we will do the rest for you. We will communicate with the Embassies for you, we have specialists in all major Embassies in Dublin every day making applications and collecting documents, so we will be able to obtain your visa in the shortest possible time.

Usually, if you require a visa you will have to obtain an invitation. So, in most cases you might need to provide the following documents depending on the type of visa applied for:

  • Business visa: A covering letter from the applicant or applicant’s company, copy of invitation letter from a host company in the country, the original of which has been submitted to the Department of Consular Services of the ministry of foreign affairs of the country. The invitation must clearly indicate the following: name of applicant; name of inviting company; exact dates of the visit. Inviting company should provide the confirmation (visa support/telex) number for your trip; the number for the confirmation is usually given in advance and written on the letter of invitation.
  • Tourist visa: A covering letter from the applicant, copy of invitation letter from the hosting tourist company in the country licensed for visa support purposes that would confirm arrangements made, hotel reservation confirmation;
  • Transit visa: A covering letter from the applicant, a visa to the country of destination and copies of your ticket or itinerary.

Give us a call today and we will provide all the assistance you need with your visa application.

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