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Process and Prices

Our priority is delivering high-quality translations for lowest prices in shortest time.

The key factors that determine our customers' choice are:

Timing: Regular document translations (Birth certificates, Marriage Certificates, Baptism certificates, references, etc.) – available as urgent translations or 24 hours. If you need an urgent translation (within 1 – 2 hours), the cost will go up by 5 – 10 euro only. We can send you the translation by post which will take 1– 2 days.

Quality: All our translators are certified language specialists and are native in the language of translation. Each translation of specific area is later edited by specialists in medical, legal and technical translations. Using our service you can be sure your translations will be accurate and presented with appropriate formatting.

Price: Our main goal is to provide low-cost translation services in Ireland whether this is a standard certificate or complex legal document. We have managed to take leader positions on Irish translations market due to our flexible prices policy.

Standard document certified by an agency or a certified translator - €20

Notary Certification - for translations to be used abroad - 25 Euro

Solicitor certification/ Certification by the Commissioner for Oaths - 10 Euro

Prices for page of English translations - from €20.

What can affect the translation costs:

  1. urgency, see above
  2. poor quality of the document (bad copy, illegible handwriting)
  3. additional services - notary, solicitor certification. On Fridays solicitor certification cost is included in the price of translations. If you need to certify your documents on any other day, a standard fee of 10 euro is applied.
  4. notary certification. For any translation used abroad a notary certification will cost 25 euro.
  5. specific translations: technical, medical, promotion materials. Our skilled team of editors will be proofread your translations and edit your original text, which could increase the price for 5 – 10 euro per a page. Every customer is our priority and we will provide discounts for large volume documents and for regular customers.

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