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Power of Attorney


If you need to receive your Civil documents, register your child, buy/sell property or renew your passport, but do not have time or ability to do it yourself, we can assist you in preparing Power of Attorney.

Power of Attorney is a written authorisation of another party to exercise your rights and perform legal activities on your behalf. It is a legal instrument that is used all over the world, but drafting it requires specialised knowledge and expertise.

A power of attorney can be specific (limited to a particular purpose, for example, sale of your house in your absence), or general (entitling the attorney to exercise almost all of your legal rights). For example, it may allow the attorney to take a wide range of actions in relation to property, business, and financial affairs. The attorney may make payments from the specified accounts, receive documents from authorities and sign legal documents on your behalf and perform other required actions.

In our offices, we can draft a Power of Attorney for you in English, translate it into any other language, as well as arrange an appointment with the Solicitor or Notary Public for your signature authentication.

You do not have to prepare the text for Power of Attorney yourself. Just draft the main rights you want to delegate and come to our office with your passport and passport details of your chosen representative. Please keep in mind that you will need valid photo ID to get your signature authenticated and that your personal presence is required.

For some countries, we can apostille the Power of Attorney and can send you the completed document by registered post.

Please contact us by phone or mail, or just drop by one of our offices. We guarantee that you will receive fast, efficient and accurate service.

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