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Tax Refunds

Cost effective approach - tax refunds starting from €50
Our Company is an approved Revenue agent specialising in Irish income tax refunds and PRSI refunds for people working and living in Ireland.

If you have been in employment in any of the last five years, it is quite possible that your have overpaid in taxes and are eligible for a refund. On average, our customers receive €1000 in tax refunds!

Just visit our Tax consultant who will be pleased to give you an advice and prepare comprehensive calculation and available Tax Return, ensuring the most suitable and beneficial solution for you.
How it works:
  • 1st step: we will register with Revenue as your TAX Agent (all you need is to sign a contract, produce your PPS Number and a copy of you ID)
  • 2nd step: we will contact you in 5 days to inform about available amount of refund and whether any further documentation is required
  • 3nd step: our tax specialist will proceed with your TAX refund ensuring that you receive your money in 7 days (directly in to your bank account)
Note: If you're self-employed, such as a construction subcontractor, or if you have any additional income outside of your PAYE earnings, you are responsible for your own tax and must declare all your income through the self-assessment tax return.

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